Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nair vs. Shaving: Which is Better for Hair Removal?

What can a woman do if she wants to get rid of unwanted hairs? Well, laser surgery will remove them permanently, but the procedure can be really expensive for those with limited budgets. The same can also be said for professional waxing, (which needs to be applied more often than laser procedures). This leaves two other options: chemical-based solutions, (such as Nair), or shaving.

Which of these options are better? It depends on what you’re after. I have found that Nair removes significantly more hair, while smoothing out your skin. And, since Nair involves no shaving, you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself.

However, Nair is not always the best choice if you want to remove hair around your bikini area, or worse, your private parts. This is because the solution burns like crazy. It can also cause an infection if it happens to get inside your vaginal area.

So, in that situation, I would suggest shaving over Nair, though you still have to be careful. Since shaving usually involves shaving cream, you could still risk an infection, (even if shaving cream contains fewer chemicals than Nair). And, there’s also the possibility that you could cut yourself.

Of course, even if you’re not shaving your nether regions, consider that shaving cream usually has a much more pleasant smell than Nair. The last thing you want is to smell like chemicals, a consequence that is possible with Nair lotions. True, the smell doesn’t last long, but with traditional shaving you don’t have it at all.

One should also consider the cost associated with Nair vs. shaving. Nair costs $7 per bottle while a set of razors and shaving cream will cost you around that same amount. But with the latter, you’ll be able to shave for a longer period of time. Also consider too that if you’re in a bind you can use soap as your shaving cream. Granted, it’s not a preferred method, but as long as you’re careful it can still be very effective. What ever you choose out of these two, both of them are cheaper than the home laser hair removal equivilant such as a Tria. Whilst effective, a Tria is going to set you back £675 and that's a good deal on one of those. If you have the money, it may be worth spending on, if you don't, you now know your options.

The choice is yours!

PS - I thought I'd use a picture of a man instead of a woman this time. It brings the message across, but is a little more pleasant on the eyes for us!

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